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Increase the % of your customers making appointments online:

percentage appointments online

Get more of your customers scheduling online. While most of your younger clients will take to scheduling online easily - sometimes it takes a bit of encouragement to get your older clients doing the same.


7 ways to increase the percentage of clients making appointments online:

1. Probably the number one way to get them going is on your voice-mail or message machine. For example if you are a massage therapist - your out-going message might go something like this, "Hello you have reached Joe's Massage - we are not available right now - however if you would like to make an appointment with us you can do so right now online at our web site - just click the link at the top of the page that reads Make an Appointment Now".

2. Placing your appointment link on your web site in the correct position where most people expect to find it - we provide detail about this subject on our Link Positioning page.

3. Place your web site URL on your business card and next to the URL place wording next to it indicating that you accept appointments online.

4. If use direct mail and/or newspaper type advertising - let your future customers know they can make appointments with you on the web.

5. Let them know about it in your waiting area with a note on the wall. When customers are waiting they usually look around the room for things to read.

6. If you hand out receipts - let them know about it there as well. Sometimes when customers lose your business card and want to call you - they remember about a crumpled receipt in their coat pocket - they notice that you accept appointments online.

7. When a customer is paying for your services you can tell them about making appointments online for their next appointment.


We hope these 7 ways helps encourage more of your customers to make appointments online.


Where is the best place to locate your appointment link on your site?

last revised (January 18, 2004)