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Positioning Links to Your Online Scheduler

The goal for most businesses is to attract new customers and retain existing customers. Businesses need to offer features that make it easy and convenient to do business. Remove the barriers that might prevent clients from booking an appointment. Turn potential customers into actual clients and retain your current client base.


Location, location, location

get more traffic

In real estate they say location is everything. The same is true for web pages. Users of web pages won't stay at your site for very long if they can't quickly find what they want. Proper placement and style of your link to appointment scheduler is important.

Consider placing links to your Flash Appointments Client Scheduler everywhere clients are likely to want to schedule an appointment.

1. Home Page: Your home page is a great place for existing clients to access your online appointment scheduler. It is the first place most people will enter your site. From there they can be one click away from booking a new appointment.

2. Service Pages: For every page on your site that describes a service or set of services you will want provide quick access to the scheduler. Imagine.. a potential customer peruses your site, discovers a service they want, sees the link to schedule an appointment. They click the link to schedule an appointment and boom they are now a client.

3. Be Consistent: Place the links in the same relative position on each page. Your customers will appreciate the ease with which they can find and navigate to the online scheduler.

4. Prominence: Make the links stand out so that customers quickly see them as they scan a page. If your site is anchored around a "Home" link, consider making the links to your scheduler the same color and/or style as the Home link. Align them to the Home link and place them in close proximity.

5. Wording: What should your link say? Again, be consistent with the wording style of your web site. Here are some ideas for your site:

--- "Schedule Now"

--- "Make an appointment online"

--- "Online Scheduler"

--- "Appointments"

6. HTML Code: The following is an HTML code sample. Just copy it and paste it into your HTML document.

Important: You must replace the number "1" at the end of the link with the business identifier number that was supplied to you in the email after you signed up.

Things to avoid

1. Do not place the link below a reasonable page length. Requiring your customers to scroll down to find it means that a lot of customers will miss it and fewer online appointments will be booked.

2. Be careful when placing your link in a banner type image. If it looks like advertising most users will ignore it.

3. Do not animate your appointment link unless it is very subtle. Studies show users will ignore it. Like animated ads - users find it distracting and annoying.

4. Avoid wording of the link that is too general or imprecise. Here are some examples that don't work well:

--- "Calendar" Users may associate the word calendar with a schedule of events.

--- "Reservations" Users may associate reservations with hotels and airlines.


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