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Flash Appointments

Flash Appoinments - Benefits

See all schedules at once

When all schedules are visible, it is easy for your client to scroll to find the best time. This allows for much faster selection, especially when the business is heavily booked.

Offer your clients a richer experience

Your clients have a wealth of information at their finger tips. They can quickly and easily try different scenarios in deciding what service they want to book.

When a new date or service is selected, the schedules showing availability are quickly updated. There is no need for your client to search back and forth between several HTML pages the time that suits her best.

HTML Based Scheduler

HTML Based Scheduler

One schedule at a time

When the scheduling information shown to your client is limited, your client may become frustrated. They may have to go back and forth to find exactly what they want. They may give up before finishing the booking.

What customers are saying after using our scheduler:

"I really like how I can clearly see each therapists' schedule on one page." - Sara C. Washington DC