Known Issues - Browsers

For Macromedia Flash® pages:   Client Scheduler, Administrator Desktop and Receptionist Desktop.

Various browsers interpret information from web pages differently. Due to the differences in browsers, some Macromedia Flash® v.6 or v.7 pages in FlashAppointments may not operate and/or display properly based on the browser and operating system being used.

Windows Browsers Version Known Issues
Internet Explorer 5.5 - 6.0 No known issues
Internet Explorer 4.0 No known issues
Mozilla 1.6 No known issues
Mozilla Firebird 1.0 No known issues
Netscape 7.1 No known issues
Netscape 4.7 No known issues
Opera 7.5 No known issues

Macintosh Browsers Version Known Issues
Internet Explorer 5.2 No known issues
Safari 1.2.3 No known issues
Mozilla - Has not been tested

Linux Browsers Version Known Issues
Ubuntu (Linux) 64-bit Firefox 32-bit works okay with Firefox
Konquerer 3.1 Inoperative and not displaying properly as of 10/7/2004.
Mozilla 1.0 No known issues
Safari - Has not been tested

Please help us keep this list up-to-date, if you know of any other issues not listed above.

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