Flash Appointments User's Guide

User's Guide


The Flash Appointments appointment scheduling software is comprised of a suite of tools to help you, your staff and your clients manage online appointments. It supports the following types of users:
  • Administrators

  • Receptionists

  • Clients

  • Administrator Desktop


    An administrator is a power user must do each of the following tasks:

    • set up and maintain data required for scheduling appointments (performed in the Administrator Desktop)
    • maintain subscription levels and billing information (Account Billing)
    • run custom reports on Clients and Appointments

    Additionally, administrators have access to all of the functionality of the Receptionist users.


    A receptionist is responsible for day-to-day operations. A receptionist will do all of the following:

    • schedule, rebook and cancel appointments
    • maintain client contact information
    • maintain staff schedules

    Most day-to-day tasks are performed in the Receptionist Desktop.

    The Receptionist can also run daily/weekly reports.

    Receptionist Desktop

    Staff View:

    A Staff View user must be associated with a Staff in the Administrator. This user is able to:

    • see daily/weekly reports of his/her own appointments only
    • manage his/her work schedule

    The Staff users perform most tasks through a filtered version of the Receptionist Desktop.

    Staff Full:

    A Staff Full user can perform all tasks that the Staff View user performs in addition to the following:

    • schedule, rebook and cancel appointments for himself/herself
    • update client contact information

    Client Scheduler


    A client may book, rereview and cancel his/her own appointments.

    They primarily use the Client Scheduler through a link you provide on your website.

    They also have access to a list of their appointments. The list allows them to review appiontment details as well as cancel appointments.