Flash Appointments User's Guide

Service Details

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Administrator : Service

This is an Essentials Check List item.

An Administrator Login is required.


The list at the top of the area shows all types of Services that have already been entered for your business. As new items are created, they are added to the list. As old items are deleted they are removed from the list.

Field Settings

Required Optional
Name: The name that will represent the type of service in the both the Client Scheduler and the Receptionist Desktop.
Description: A description that appears below the service menu in the Client Scheduler.
Private: If checked this property indicates that this type of service can only be scheduled from the Receptionist Desktop and NOT the Client Scheduler. This can be adapted for many uses. For instance, it could be a lunch block that only staff can schedule. Or it could be used to capture a generic type of non-client based appointment.
Off-Site When checked, this property indicates that the service is performed off-site. When either the Client Scheduler or Receptionist Desktop books an off-site appointment the user is prompted to enter the address for the appointment.
Client Info: This property indicates that you would like to collect some information about the appointment. When it is selected, the Client Info Prompt field is enabled. You can then specify a question that you would like to prompt your clients for when they book through the Client Scheduler.

The Receptionist Desktop does not show the prompt, but has a Notes field into which any information can be entered.