Flash Appointments User's Guide

Service Durations

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Administrator : Service : Durations

Each type of Service must have one or more Durations.

This is an Essentials Check List item.

An Administrator Login is required.


The list at the top of the area shows all Durations for the currently selected Service type that have already been entered for your business. As new items are created, they are added to the list. As old items are deleted they are removed from the list.

A type of Service must be selected in the lefthand list under Service Detail. The Duration operations apply to the currently selected Service type.

Field Settings

Required Optional
Lead Time: An amount of time at the beginning of the service that is reserved for the Staff/Resource to prepare for the appointment. The client's appointment start time will be later than the Staff/Resource appointment start time by the amount specified as Lead Time.
Duration: The amount of time the client expects the service to last.
Post Time:

An amount of time after a service reserved for the Staff/Resource to recover or clean up from the service.

Total Time: The value of this field is derived: Total Time = Lead Time + Duration + Post Time.

The next available appointment time for a Staff/Resource must always be at least the Total Time after the previous appointment time.
Price: The price for the service duration. If you do not wish to display any price in the Client Scheduler, enter 0 (zero) and the price will be omitted.
Staff Assignment: Check each Staff person or Resource that performs the service.