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Providing Access to Flash Appointments:

There are several ways you can integrate Flash Appointments into your business. How do you want your clients to access the Client Scheduler? Here we outline some options to choose from based on your resources and expertise.

In any case, your Client Scheduler is available online at a web address similar to the following example.

Address http://www.flashappointments.com/client/launch.cfm?busId=1    

For your business, you need to substitute your business identifier for the number 1 at the end of line. This is the second part of the account number shown in the upper right corner of the Welcome Screen.

No web site

If you don't have a web site and you aren't ready to have one built, you should consider the options here.

With a small number of clients that you deal with on a regular basis, it might be okay just to email the web address to your clients and ask them to bookmark it in their browser. They can name the bookmark something obvious like ACME Appointments.

The above solution won't be sufficient for most businesses that want to attract new customers and make it as easy as possible for them to schedule online appointments. In this case, if you are not ready to develop a web site, you can still get the benefits of Flash Appointments. First, register a domain name for your business. Then have traffic redirected to the Client Scheduler web address for your account. This essentially gives you a web site with single page, the Flash Appointments Client Scheduler configured for your business.

There are many companies that do domain name registration and URL redirection. Just do an internet search to find one.

Add a link to your web site

To add basic integration to your site, you will want to add a link similar to the following:

Placing the link in a prominent position on your web site will generate the most online appointments for your business. See our Tips for making the most of that link.

Seamlessly integrate into your web site

Many of our customers have a web site developer that can be more creative and provide truly integrated access to the Client Scheduler. We have created a mock up to show a sample of what can be done. The page is not fully a functional web page. It is only intended to illustrate one possible way to integrate. You can View - Source on this example to get ideas of your own.

The example shows a page that wraps the Client Scheduler for our demo Whole Hair Salon. The demo is a working demo. Feel free to schedule test appointments. See Web Page Integration Sample.