Popular Scheduling Platform Flash Appointments Introduces Targeted Notifications with Unlimited Customizability

BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- These days, every organization requires timely communications to keep their clients informed and engaged. Now, thanks to new completely customizable targeted notifications from Flash Appointments, it's never been easier for organizations to automatically stay in touch, set clear expectations, solicit feedback and promote repeat business.

The scheduling experts at Flash Appointments are known for providing easy-to-use, feature-rich tools for professionals and organizations across many different fields. The addition of targeted notifications to their impressive arsenal offers users a way to send the right message to the right person at just the right time, regardless of industry.

The targeted notifications include reminder, follow up and no show emails - the content and timing of which is determined by the organization. Emails can be general or specific to a type of appointment. There are no limits on the number of templates that can be created. Organizations have the ability to reach out to clients with just the right message at precisely the right time. A dentist, for example, can send a follow up thank you email immediately after an appointment. She can send new patients a link to a survey. Five months later she can send an email to remind the patient to schedule his next teeth cleaning.

Targeted notifications can benefit other types of organizations as well as professionals. Universities and testing centers can iterate that students should bring the requisite identification and documentation to a GRE exam. Students taking a paper-based test can be reminded to bring three No. 2 pencils.

"We're giving businesses more opportunities to stay in touch with their clients before and after appointments - and we've already seen exciting results. One beta test customer reported an 'amazing' transformation in his practice and happier patients overall," says Alison Maddox, CEO of Flash Appointments. "Our goal for targeted notifications is to offer high impact and, as always, keep it budget-friendly."

Flash Appointments is a powerful scheduling tool set that can scale up or down based on the demands of the organization. It is ideal for solo practitioners at a single location, as well as testing centers with hundreds of seats at multiple campuses. Subscribers can seamlessly integrate the scheduler into their own website and/or Facebook page. In this case, clients never have to leave that website to schedule an appointment.

"Our easily customizable scheduler is what has made Flash Appointments such a popular choice. Dentists' offices, accountants, sports complexes, massage therapists and schools are just a few of the many different organizations that have taken advantage of our offering. Targeted notifications is a powerful addition to the platform," states Maddox.

Everything happens on Flash Appointments' servers and is available around the clock. The benefit to users is they do not need an IT department to install and maintain the software. Plus, it is easy to use. Users don't need any special training to get the most out of the product. Prospective users can "test drive" the software with several hands-on demos, located here:


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