Florida Virtual School

Online Scheduling for Virtual School Students Saves Real Time

Middle school and high school students at the Florida Virtual School attend online classes and interact frequently by telephone with their teachers. Calls are scheduled to welcome students and to conduct oral exams, tutoring sessions and monthly conversations with the families.

"I love FA. Everything is positive. It makes my life much easier. It is easier for the students and parents to make the appointments using FA... It is extremely simple to use. I recommend it 100%." Brunilda Fernandez

"I had no idea that more than 900 appointments had been scheduled through my account since June! I have to say, Flash Appointments literally saved my job. In my situation, I started full time with Florida Virtual School in June of 2012. I had students calling left and right all day long from 8am-8pm! Finally, I learned about Flash Appointments and signed up immediately. As soon as I taught my students how to create an appointment, my life came back together immediately! I was able to have structure and consistency in my teaching! What a GREAT program!!! Without Flash Appointments there is no way I would be able to provide the type of individual attention my students need and deserve…thank you!!! J" John Arnold,
HOPE Instructor

"I just wanted to let you know how blessed I am to have Flash Appointments. With the large number of student, parent and staff appointments that come at me each and every day, it is so great that there is a place that I can go to for help. Having all of my appointments come to me with reminders that they are coming up helps keep me focused on my busy schedule. Your service is of such great value to me that I would be lost without it. Keep up the great work!" Dr. Walter Allen Sapp,
Fitness and Lifestyle Design Instructor

"I love FlashAppointments. It helps me to organize my day. I need some structure so that I can do all of the things that are required of me on a daily basis and FlashAppointments allows me to chunk my time in a way that allows for me to be very efficient. Also, my students love it because it ensures that I am available at a specific time when they know they are available....no calling in and hoping they get me, or waiting for a phone call back. They know when they set the time they can count on me being there. Since most of my students are calling in during a 4-hour window every day, FlashApppointments allows for me to ensure times to those students who are making themselves available. Parents have really liked it as well because with busy schedules, it allows them to know that their time is going to be maximized as well and there is no worry of phone tag." Adam Reid

Online Appointment Scheduling from Flash Appointments, an unmatched balance of benefits:

  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Power

Affordable. The Solo Plan starts at just $10/month. All plans offer unlimited appointments and users. No sneaky charges for high appointment volume or additional logins.

Easy to Use. Flash Appointments is a rich internet application (RIA). That means updates occur in a single page. For instance, clients will want to shop for an ideal opening. In Flash Appointments when the user clicks a new date or service, available appointment times update instantly on the same screen. That makes it easy to shop around especially when schedules are filling up and availability is limited.

Powerful. We use filtering to manage large data sets. That means Flash Appointments can scale up to meet your growing business needs. Try the demo to see how we can handle:

  • Many schedules,
  • Complex service menus,
  • Multiple locations